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2013 Bike Ride

Our Rotary Bike Ride

Australian Rotary Health (ARH).
Ride for Research $$$$s.

Each year since 1986, cycling Rotarians, partners and friends of Rotary clubs of District 9810 have been undertaking 700km-plus bike rides to raise funds for medical research projects. It started with only a few riders but as the numbers grew, it became the "Rotary Ride for Research Dollars"-in fact, other districts adopted the idea. Over the years, the ride has covered an incredible 25,100kms and has raised over $840,000 for the Australian Rotary Health (ARH). making District 9810's Ride for Research $$$$s one of its major fundraisers.

The Ride for Research $$$$s is about:

  • Learning about your capabilities & challenging yourself
  • Promotion of both Rotary and AR
  • Fun and fellowship
  • Fundraising - If all participants try to raise sponsorship of $500 to $1000, we will together really make a difference!

The Ride is enthusiastically supported by Rotarians, families and friends, exchange students and others from clubs throughout our District. Previously, the Bike Ride has always departed from some point about one week prior to the Conference and arrived just before Conference starts. This year we're doing something different - heading back to Melbourne (Boronia) by a scenic route after the Conference - the "Homeward Bound" tour!

It is hoped that this year there will be over 50 or so riders of all ages, and a support crew of 13, to begin the ride from Wangaratta starting after lunch on Sunday 17 March 2013.

How to be involved
There are a number of ways you can be involved, either as riders or part of the support crew.

For riders, the question is: "How far will I ride?" - and the simple answer is, as far as you like! Riders will be in four groups, depending on ability and fitness?ranging from those who train regularly, to those who have never ridden, or not ridden for a long time. The teams work in a relay. Support vehicles will pick you up if you are tired and need a rest. This allows us to travel the distances we need each day, and to put the teams out on the road in locations that will provide everyone with a challenge, but be within their ability.

Rotary Clubs in each town welcome the bike riders on their overnight and lunch stops at specially-organised functions. As everyone comes together to contribute, the fellowship between participants on the ride always affirms the success of the event.

Funds are raised by sponsorship of the riders and by donations received during the Ride itself. Individual Clubs also sponsor their riders and/or exchange student/s.

2013 Rotary Ride For Research $$$$s
The "Homeward Bound" tour
Sunday 17th to Friday 22nd March

About the 2013 Ride

Download Brochure 2013

Download Map 2013

Registration and sponsorship is now available on line, through the Rotary Ride for Research Dollars 3013 site, on the Everydayhero web site.

Click on the following link to registrar and then pass on the link to your friends to sponsor you

New Sponsorship and Ride Registration Forms **

Unlike previous years, the Ride follows the weekend Conference.
Those going to the conference will be able to drop bikes off before the weekend and they will be transported for you. Those only going on the ride will meet Sunday morning to be driven up to the start of the "Tour".

So here are some answers to your questions:
A) I am going to conference and I will be riding - do I have to take my bike with me? If I drive to Wangaratta for the conference what do I do with my car?
All bikes can be dropped at Eddies place in Boronia the week before the ride, they will be taken up on the Sunday morning. Dont take your car. Please get a ride with someone going to conference, or with one of the support crew vehicles going to conference.
B) I am going to conference and I want to be part of the support crew. What do I do with my car after the conference? Do I pick up a support vehicle at Wangaratta?
We will have a couple of cars going up to the conference that will be able to take some riders/ support crew (may take the one they are driving) up for conference, or they can arrange for their club to get them a lift. Dont take your car to conference.
C) I am going to conference. I assume you will take my conference luggage bags on the ride, back to Melbourne?
Conference luggage will as always have to travel back with someone else.
D) I am NOT going to conference and I want to ride. How and when do I and my bike get to Wangaratta?
We will be meeting on Sunday morning to drive up with the bikes.
E) I am NOT going to conference and I want to be part of the support crew. I assume that I pick up a Support Vehicle in the usual way and drive to Wangaratta on Sunday?
F) The conference finishes at 1pm on Sunday. What time will the ride start on Sunday? If I am going to conference will it conflict with any conference events on Sunday?
We do not have the final time yet, but we will assemble in a park near the venue and do a ride past wth the DG send off as conference finishes, and people come out the front.
So you will not miss the last hour please wear your gear to conference on Sunday (riders and drivers). (We will also have to pick up lunch)

The route
Leaving at lunchtime from the district Conference venue in Wangaratta, the Ride will go through the picturesque country around Bright. It will travel to Myrtleford, then around to Mount Beauty and Harrietville, before driving to the top of Mt Hotham for a spectacular 90 km downhill ride over to Bairnsdale. Following that we wind through the back roads of Gippsland, passing through Sale, Churchill, Yinnar, Thorpdale, Trafalgar, Bona Vista and Warragul, Drouin, Pakenham, Emerald and Wandin, before arriving back at Boronia on 22 March, five and a half days later.

The experience and the goals
Here's your chance to be part of this great cycling event! In our past rides the cyclists have dealt with the extremes of weather, gentle undulations, galling winds and punctures from bindis, but they managed to build up strength and team spirit to continue for the main cause - riding for research dollars - and discovered they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. You only ride the distances that you feel comfortable with?it is a relay with 4 teams, so there is no pressure to ride for longer than your capability allows. Support vehicles are always behind you to assist, and you can join one if you cannot continue to cycle.

The event is designed to raise funds for the Australian Rotary Health Research Fund; increase Rotary awareness and foster goodwill in the community; provide an opportunity for service and fellowship.

The ride also assists in the fostering of international fellowship, community service and the increased awareness of business and service groups, which results in corporate support and financial input for this event and many other Rotary initiatives.

Media attention has assisted the cyclists receiving recognition in the communities we pass through, with donations being made to the riders along the way.

Each year the response and support from the local communities really helped the cause. Local Rotary Clubs in each town welcomed the bike riders on their overnight and lunch stops at specially organised functions. The fellowship between the riders clearly indicated the success of the cause, as everyone come together to contribute. At each location, the Mayor and other officials signed a "goodwill scroll" to be presented to the DG at the Annual Conference as a gesture of friendship (regrettably, not possible this year!)

This year's route:

Day - 1 Wangarratta to Myrtleford / Ovens
Day - 2 Myrtleford/Ovens to Harrietville
Day - 3 Harrietville to Bairnsdale
Day - 4 Bairnsdale to Traralgon
Day - 5 Traralgon to Warra
Day - 6 Warragul to Boronia

 Details of the ride

  •  How to participate:

We need people to be part of the SUPPORT CREWS! - driver, first aid, photographer/video?in sponsorship, fundraising, and logistical support. We will provide brand new sponsorship vehicles for you to drive..

  • Duration:

Five and a half days; Distance: approx. 790km

  • Riding:

You don?t have to be supremely fit or a great rider. With four teams, we cater for all abilities. If you're tired, you stop, get in the vehicle and get out at the next stop 20?30 km down the road to continue riding as you wish. However, we are sure you will enjoy this exciting challenge.

  • All riders welcome:

With 4 ride groups, we are able to group people of similar fitness levels.

  • Speed:

Teams average from 15kph up to 35kph.

  • Daily personal distances:

Will vary from 70 to 125km depending on the team you're in.

  • What Bikes

RECOMMENDED Road Racer, Hybrid, Tourer
OTHER TYPES: If in doubt, please check with us first.
Note - Your bike MUST be professionally serviced, in the month before we start the ride & should be tailored to suit you!

  • Accommodation:

Generally we stay in motels with room share; we may use cabins and occasionally some home hosting.

  • Catering:

All provided; with regular food/drink breaks along the ride.

  • Logistics:

Support/rest and relief vehicles and trucks sponsored by organizations and groups, including Healesville Rivendell Community Support, and the Healesville Rotary Bus.

  • Safety:

Support, scout & patrol vehicles are used, with radio/mobile phone communications.

  • Insurance:

All participants are covered by Rotary's insurance. However, you should have your own Ambulance cover.

Who is it for?
 Anyone from 16 to 90!

The beauty of it is, you don't have to be supremely fit or a great rider.
Work colleagues, families, friends, exchange students, Rotaractors, Rotarians.
Just anyone desiring personal fulfilment and own challenge, while being involved in a great experience - and fundraising for a great cause.
And we always need people to be in the support crews, so we have a position on the ride for everyone!

All that is asked is a commitment to:

  • Your fellow riders
  • Fellowship
  • Fundraising for ARH

How Much To Register
Each participant receives a souvenir polo shirt for use each night. Ride jerseys and nicks are available for purchase at a special Rotary price.

Cost to all riders: Just $650 for the whole event
Including support, accommodation, catering etc as detailed above.

Cost to support crew members: only $550
This covers 5 nights' accommodation, meals, logistical support, under "Details", plus petrol.

Australian Rotary Health
Australian Rotary Health (ARH) is a major research fund and grants organization. It is the largest Australia-wide project undertaken by Rotary. 
The Australian Rotary Health Board allocates research grants on the advice of a Research Committee that comprises eminent medical and paramedical professionals.
Since 1985 over A$27m has been allocated to approximately 500 grants for research into such areas as : Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Care of the Aged, Adolescent Health, Family Health, Mental Illness, Cancer research, Parkinson's Disease, Neurological research and many other research areas. Medical research is the primary beneficiary of funds from Australian Rotary Health. Since the year 2000, mental illness has been the main focus of research funding.

"Supporting healthier minds, bodies and communities through research, awareness and education"

Our District has contributed A$2.7m since allocated grants commenced in 1985.
Moreover, our ride has contributed over $850,000 over the past 26 years.
All donations over $2 are Tax deductible.

 Major projects that have been funded by ARH

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 6 projects $538,552
  • Environmental Health Projects of the Aged 34 projects $1,435,993
  • Adolescent Health 39 projects $1,528,598
  • Family Health Research 44 projects $1,423,500
  • Mental Health Research 97 projects $15,500,257

Other activities of ARH

  • Scholarships for Indigenous Australians
  • Funding Partner Grants & Scholarships (All Health Areas)
  • Rural Medical Scholarships
  • Rural Health Evaluation Grants
  • Evaluation of Mental Health Service Provision
  • Mental Health of Young Australian?s
  • Nursing Scholarships

Direct all general enquiries to
Phone: 97621765 Mobile: 0417570417 Email: treborwh@bigpond. com
General Mail: PO Box 145 Boronia 3155
Applications and Payments to: PO Box 130, The Basin 3154

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